There is no telling when your luck might change when you play at an online casino. Every game has different rules and is played differently.  Just because you suck at one game doesn’t mean that you will continue to exhibit the same performance with other games.

While a lot of the games that are played online might require some skills from the players, the majority of online casino games are based on chance. Since the games are played online, the randomness of the whole thing will be banked considerably on the use of computer software that then gets audited regularly to ensure their fairness.

Aside from choosing the right online casinos to play at, you’ll also want to be concerned about finding those casinos that offer the best odds. Remember that the chances of you winning will be greatly determined by the odds that are involved in a particular game. Odds tend to differ from one website to another too. More importantly, they might even vary within an online casino— where different games will have their own respective odds. 

Here are some of the things that you can do to help you locate the best odds when playing at an online casino.

Look for games that pay less.

If you want to find which games are going to offer the highest winning possibility, then be prepared to be paid less. It’s a fact that people generally gamble online for the fun it provides. But there are also those that do so for the sake of earning on the side. Generally, more difficult games, those that require a lot of skills or those where the stakes are high will generally have lower winning odds.

They do pay better though because of how the chances of a player winning are quite slim. If you want to look for games where the winning possibility is high, then be prepared to receive much smaller winnings.

Dice games offer good odds.

Most seasoned online gamblers will tell you that there are good odds with dice games. For instance, the game Craps. It’s considered one of the best dice games that offer great odds to the player. The game requires a lot of skill though and is quite analytical so you cannot really expect to start winning if you are relatively new and have not had that much experience.

Cards are great if you want to have better odds too.

While not every card game is equal, you’ll find that on average, online card games tend to have a much lower house edge than the rest of other online casino games.

Blackjack, baccarat and other similar games all have the casino advantage attached to them. However, these are generally around the region of 2%-5%. Compare this to the use edge that is generally in effect with online slot machines and you’ll find that these are better numbers.

Wheels may work on your favor, depending on what variation it is.

You’ll find that there are two popular variations of online roulette. How high the odds are in favor of the house will depend on the variation you choose to play. European roulette is the more ideal option due to its 37 slots. American roulette is something you should avoid if you can due to the extra 00 slot, which increases the house advantage.